We provide Property Investment Courses in Singapore and Property Investment Training.

Why Attend Property Investment Courses Singapore

  • Get more income. You could possibly get more income from the rent you receive.
  • Get more capital appreciation. Because when you invest in Property the asset will eventually increase in capital.
  • Get wealthy. Most millionaires get wealthy by investing in Property

What can you learn in the MAPIC Property Investment Course (Singapore) & Property Investment Seminar (Singapore)

There are many things that you can learn in MAPIC Property Investment Course (Singapore) that will make you a better property investor and property investing computing professional.

You can learn Property Investment topics like:

PROVEN STRATEGIES to find undervalued and high-profit investment property.

How to avoid common Property Investment mistakes (especially for novice investors).

How you can TAP onto the “megatrends” and “microsegments” of investment property?

Identify the best types of property invesment (residential, commercial, industrial) to invest in.

How to navigate stamp duties, taxes and other financial related issues of property investing.

How to Sell your property significantly ABOVE Market Price.

The MAPIC MODEL of property investing that incredibly enable you to identify which country or city to invest in and why.

How to protect yourself, despite the different property invesment rules and regulations in different countries.

How to assess developers and hire reliable property management services for your property invesment.

Types of Property Investment

Who is the MAPIC Property Investment Course For

Any Requirements for the MAPIC Property Investment Course

  • There are no requirements needed
  • Complete beginners in property investment may attend
  • There are expert trainer to guide you along in the Property Investment Course

Trainer For MAPIC Property Investment Course (Singapore)

Your trainer is a very experienced Property investor and Property Investment professional.

He was in fact an average salary man like many of us; from working at A&W to processing paperwork. He slowly progressed and succeeded in the corporate world.

He started his property investment journey at the age of 17. Without property investment, he would not have achieved the level of success that he has TODAY

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