At GEX Global Capital, we help entrepreneurs formulate strategies to take them to the forefront of market leadership.

Whether you’re looking to tap the global capital markets, transform your capabilities, improve competitive advantage, achieve strategic clarity, or assess M&A opportunities, GEX Global Capital offers expert research, global perspective and high-impact, high-value plans to navigate your most pressing strategic needs.

The result is transformative change and unparalleled growth.


Connecting to the Right Investors

Cross-border fund raising allow businesses from all backgrounds to increase their developmental capacity. It enhances the value and visibility of firms whilst lessening information asymmetry. And because its shares become tradeable across various currencies and time zones, the company’s liquidity is increased, allowing for even larger capital raise opportunities.

Sustainable competitive advantage in a disruptive world

Whether you are looking to achieve market leadership or expand into a whole new market, adaptation, change and transformation is key for corporations to avoid disruption and stagnation in this rapidly changing world of business. As companies grow and globalise, our experienced consultants help to align processes, peoples and technological innovations with ever-improving business strategies and visions.

Tapping the global capital markets to attain exponential growth

Exponential growth is a dream for many businesses, but few have successfully turned this dream into a reality. Discover the secret to growing exponentially by gaining an in-depth knowledge of international capital markets, a crucial factor currently facilitating the development, advancement and growth of businesses worldwide. We help connect you with the right investors and opportunities to achieve your greatest potential.

Scaling and diversifying your business

Our consultancy and mentorship services equips entrepreneurs of all kinds with the latest, cutting-edge solutions essential for local companies to take their products and services to the next level. Let us work with you to formulate and master appropriate growth and risk-management strategies to scale and diversify your business; to raise capital and grow from start-ups to world-class companies.

Aligning your business to serve stakeholders better

Complex legal requirements and high regulatory conditions can make it difficult for local businesses to navigate the international market. With our comprehensive understanding of economic developments and corporate governance in both Singapore and abroad, we journey closely with entrepreneurs to ensure that their business models and revenue streams remain relevant and resilient. Be assured that your strategies and vision are constantly aligned to serve your customers and stakeholders better.

Achieving market leadership through strategic investments

Strategic Investments refers to accelerating company growth through mergers, acquisitions, consolidations, tender offers, purchase of assets and management acquisitions. Unlock unlimited opportunities and gain entry into new markets without the hassle of spending time and money to embark on a business venture from scratch. Achieve greater financial influence and increase your market share through strategic investment and resource allocation.


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