GEX Corporate Social Responsibility

Building a #WorldOfGood

This is our raison d’être.

At GEX Ventures, we hold the unshakeable belief that everyone can and should make a difference. But we can’t do it alone.

Our way: catalysing our partners, clients and friends for good.

As well as starting and supporting multiple charities and non-profit organisations, we take pride in encouraging others to do business for good.

Cascading Change

We believe that truly impactful philanthropy demands scale. Our vision is to engage a world-wide community of entrepreneurs; investors; leaders from the civic, business and political communities; and pool our talent, time and treasures together to drive change.

Be A Part Of Our Journey

Through our charity partnerships, we:

Reach out to 3,500 elderly and needy families;

Train 20,000 students and help them inculcate life skills to succeed in their future workplaces; and

Help to meet the physical, mental, emotional and vocational needs of 280,400 migrant workers.

Worldwide Transformation
Reaching out to migrant workers

Delivery Of Food And Household Essentials &
Reaching out to elderly and needy persons

1. SG Serve
Reaching out to 3,500 elderly and needy persons

2. Delivery Of Food And Household Essentials

3. Junior Achievement Singapore
Grooming 20,000 children per year on life skills

4. Love Little India – “We Love Our Elderly” Project

5. Worldwide Transformation
Reaching out to 280,400 migrant workers

6. Wrestling Federation Of Singapore
An IPC-registered and non-profit National Sports Association that also runs a program to reach out to street kids

7. Responsible Gambling Forum

8. Dewan SJK (C) Chien Chi School, Johor

9. Crisis-Relief Support
Asian Tsunami
Myanmar Cyclone
China Earthquake
Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant Crisis
Haiti Earthquake
Bangkok Floods
Philippines Typhoons
South India Floods
Nepal Earthquake
Laos Floods
Lombok Earthquake

10. Catalyst For Good
We incubate charity organizations and have set a record in the Singapore Book of Records in the process of inspiring others to help the poor, needy and disadvantaged

The GEX’s Story

Kampung Night Charity & Junior Achievement 

How can the world be changed?

Governments cannot resolve key problems of the world because politicians are dependent on popular votes.

There are limitations to what they can do and achieve.

Universities and other educational institutions cannot fully address these problems.

They are primarily focused on the pursuit of knowledge.

Charitable bodies have been around for thousands of years.

They cannot offer a sustainable solution because they frequently lack systems, talents, finance, technology, and other resources.

To resolve these challenges, we need a fourth key – every one of us.

That’s why we are passionate about empowering entrepreneurs and investors to achieve sustainable success.

By “Impacting Lives” – one person at a time, one experience at a time,
and one day at a time – we are “Building A #WorldOfGood”.